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I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared


They had to pretend to be married for a case, and things just kind of got out of hand.

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Quinn Fabray + the art of teasing and flirting


this is absolutely the attitude this outfit deserves

Full Episode of Hot in Cleveland guest starring Chris Colfer (Aired July 24, 2014).

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so close, yet so far

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The reason Canadians are so nice is easily explained. Once a year, on the sixth full moon all Canadians gather beneath the stars and perform a ritual that sucks all their meanness and cruelty and places it in Canadian Geese.


There was a lot that was problematic about this episode, while also quite real.

The girls seek empowerment and strength here - it starts of with Artie trying to dictate Tina’s style choices. But what begins as such ends in mostly male affirmation. Will instates a no-dating policy and says they need to take action, beginning with counseling for Emma. Figgins tells Sue she’s a powerful woman who doesn’t need to copy anyone else. There’s Artie telling Tina she shouldn’t change. Jesse telling Rachel she deserves epic romance. Finn being a bigger person by backing off and telling Jesse he’ll stay away from ‘his’ girl.

The condescension bugged me a lot. But 'You wouldn't understand, Mr.
Shue. You’re a guy.’ I’m going to take it as intentional.

It mostly reminds me of this quote I saw a few days back which I can’t find now, about men needing to frame women empowerment and rights as being about people who are their sisters, mothers, and daughters. Why can’t it just be because we’re fellow human beings?

The episode ends with a gospel choir singing back up on a song about sex, so there’s that.

Also, my feelings when Rachel sings 'I hear you call my name, and it feels like home'. :(

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  1. When Quinn sees her mom she immediately asks “What are you doing here? Is dad okay?” It’s such a sad response—that she still cares so immediately about her dad, and that she assumes the only reason her mom would see her is because her dad’s allowed it.
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody is a contrast of life and death. Jesse St. James is dramatically birthed from the womb of Vocal Adrenaline, but all the while he’s singing about murder and the punishment that follows. Last episode, VA referred to themselves as “soulless automatons.” Meanwhile New Directions is bringing life into the world. Vocal Adrenaline sings “Nothing really matters to me” while Quinn smiles and holds Beth for the very first time. Shelby leaves Vocal Adrenaline to raise a child. If Lima’s death and darkness, New Directions is providing an escape.
  3. Sue voting for New Directions brought the Lima Losers plot that Finn started in episode 1 full circle. She wasn’t voting for them, she was voting for herself. Losers have to stick together. A year from now ND will be singing “Loser Like Me” to Sue. Also: Will tells Sue “I appreciate what you’re doing for these kids. I won’t forget it.” This actually might explain a lot of why Will puts up with Sue so much in the next seasons.
  4. Finn’s words to Will: “I didn’t have a father… someone who could show me what it really meant to be a man” are extra creepy given that Terri was leering at Finn last episode, but let’s take a moment and talk about fathers in Season 1. Quinn lost hers, and so did Beth, even while Puck, Finn, and Will all spent portions of the season preparing to be a father to her. Kurt thought he was losing his father to Finn. Finn lost his father years ago, then gained a father in Burt, and then lost him too. But Burt becomes an even stronger father to Kurt. Will fathers New Directions. And there’s mothers too—Terri’s failure to become one, Quinn having a child then giving her up, Rachel trying to be mothered by Shelby and being rejected for Beth, Quinn losing her mother then gaining her again. Parents in Glee fail over and over (and maybe this is why we love Carol and Burt so very, very much). We talk a lot about the “be a man” thing that glee insists on coming back to, but I’ve missed how strongly it is linked to family: to fathers here, to brothers at the Hummel Hudson wedding. It’s a theme about taking responsibility in a world where traditional parents fail and families don’t form naturally but have to be worked hard for and claimed. And I think that decision, to bring together those around you and stand by them, believe in them, choose to form family with them, is what Finn’s referring to when he says he’s learned what it really means to be a man. Weird gender implications aside, that’s a lesson I can very much get behind.
  5. “One day, all of you are going to be gone. And all of this, all of us will be nothing but a hazy memory. It will take you a second to remember everyone’s name. Someone will have to remind you of the songs we sung, the solos you got or didn’t get.” Sometimes, glee reminds me that in fandom we are all the New Directions; making art, finding friends, sharing gossip, fighting for favorites. And it’s okay for those things to end. But I’m so glad that they aren’t ending quite yet.